I already shared my favorite Christ-centered Christmas gift ideas (click here).

Here are a few of our all-time favorite “boy toys” (not your traditional trains,cars,blocks & balls):

Plasma Car ($49 on amazon.com)

This toy was such a big hit that we actually received a 2nd one last Christmas, so at least two boys could race each other.

It’s their favorite riding toy and even works well inside on our hard wood floors. AND it’s sturdy enough that adults can ride them too.

Mini Kick Scooter ($85 on amazon.com)

My middle son received this scooter as a gift for his 4th birthday this past year and it has been a big hit with all 3 boys (including 2 yo and 6 yo).

It’s a little expensive compared to other scooters but the reason I like this one is because of the two wheels in the front (vs just one wheel) and how lightweight it is (even a child can carry it over one shoulder).

Little Tykes Swing Seat ($18 at amazon.com)

I know the weather is getting colder but even yesterday in the 40 degree temperatures the boys wanted me to push them on this swing. Since we only have one we get to take turns…20 pushes each. Listed as for ages 4 to 7 years, but my 2 1/2 yr old loves it.

Fisher Price Kid Tough Music Player with microphone (used to be $47)

Okay so this is another favorite around our home but I tried to find it online and the cheapest one I could find was $100 or more! I don’t know if Fisher Price is no longer making them or it’s because they are so popular?

Basically it’s an MP3 player that is super sturdy and tough. It can hold 4 hours of music. You just connect to your computer and move songs from your iTunes library or other music libraries over to it (software is included).

VTech Movie Magic Digicam ($60 last year)

This is another techie favorite of my boys but unfortunately I couldn’t find it cheap anywhere.

It takes digital pictures and videos. The boys think it’s hilarious. They love it so much that we’ve actually bought a different video camera for my 4 year old this year:

Fisher Price Kid Tough Video Camera ($48 on amazon.com)

Of course if you are buying a present for your first son or your only son, you have options to buy Cars, Trains, Balls, Legos, Books, Puzzles, Board games, Craft supplies.

Merry Christmas!!

Share in the comments what your boys’ favorite toys are. We all could use the help!

*The reason I chose all Amazon.com links is because we have a prime membership… which means free two-day shipping. You can get the benefits of an amazon prime membership by signing up to be an “Amazon Mom”. Unfortunately there is a waiting list right now, but I think it’s worth getting on the wait list. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mom/signup/info

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