In October when I attended the Relevant Conference, not only were some of my “blogging”  questions answered, I was introduced to some amazing music.

Two women who sang directly to my soul were Christa Wells & Nicole Witt. They performed a song that I only had to hear once for it to stick. Since hearing it the first time the words have been replaying in my head for months. The lyrics perfectly described the feeling of gathering with other kindred spirits to know Him and make Him known.

 “We come in pieces. We come in fragments. We come discolored. To the foot of the cross. Our maker sees us. All we have been. Bonds us together. The image of God.”

I searched the web trying to find these gorgeous songs of worship only to turn up empty handed. I even contacted Christa and Nicole via twitter desperate to hear them once again.

Last week I was blessed with the best gift…to review the newly released “Image of God” EP by Christa and Nicole

The 5 songs on this EP are magical. Christa & Nicole’s voices harmonize in angelic fashion.  The piano and violin instrumentals are smooth and transcendent.

Both ladies are well-known for their song-writing. Christa was named 2006 GMA Songwriter of the year and has written songs for the well-known Christian artists: “Point of Grace”, “Natalie Grant” and “Selah.” Nicole has written songs for several well-known Country artists: “George Strait”, “Lauren Alaina”, and “Collin Raye”.

Needless to say the lyrics for each song are poignantly written. In addition, the melodies are contagious. Combined you have God’s truth etched into your heart.

One song that is unique from the others, is the upbeat and soulful “Set Free.” This is a song that makes you want to loudly sing with your hands raised, dancing down the aisle of a Gospel church. Along with the music, the message is uplifting.

“By the love that came and died and rose again. So we could be set free. We know the truth now. His Spirit moves now. We are no longer slave to fear. Go and serve your neighbor. Let love be your labor.”

“Dawn of Grace” highlights the delicate harmony that Christa and Nicole produce along with mesmerizing violin solos. The song tells the story of the fruitlessness of our efforts and His rescue through grace in our lives.

The song “Lay Us Low” is another favorite of mine given the topic of pride/humility that echoes my blog’s mission. It’s a cry out to God to not allow us to get caught up in ourselves and to betray what He is doing in our lives.

The last song is a deep and meaningful version of the Lord’s Prayer, entitled simply “Pray”. The repetition of this song awakens your soul to listen to what is actually being said. To dwell on the richness of a familiar portion of Scripture.

If you are looking for some new songs and a new artist to listen to I would highly recommend this collaboration between Christa Wells and Nicole Witt…”Image of God”.

You may go online now to pre-order and receive a digital copy with a CD mailed out starting December 27th.

Get your digital copy today. Dwell on Him this week. Prepare your hearts for Him. Make Christmas more about His presence with us and His deliverance.