1. Petting Stingrays

There is a cute little children’s aquarium that re-opened last year at Dallas’ Fair park. My boys’ favorite part of the aquarium is the stingray exhibit. They are able to reach into the tank and pet the many different stingrays as they swim by. My youngest son had the best time observing and interacting with these amazing creatures!

2. Half Birthday Cookies and Cake

That sweet boy full of joy celebrated his 2 1/2 yr old birthday this week. Since all my boys (so far) have summer birthdays, we celebrate 1/2 birthdays…so they can celebrate them at school. I bought a roll of sugar cookie dough and cooked them. Then once they had cooled I cut them in half and used pre-packaged frosting to put his initial on each cookie. I sent them to school for each of his classmates…big hit!

Then we always celebrate at home with a 1/2 birthday cake. I buy a box cake mix. It makes two round cakes. I freeze one round cake (to use for the next 1/2 bday). The other round cake I cut it in half. I put one half on top of the other half…making a 2-layer 1/2 bday cake!

3. Valentines with Hershey Kisses Wrappers

Last week I shared pics of the peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses that I made the afternoon before we were robbed. I saved the wrappers from the Hershey Kisses with plans to make valentines.

I pulled out the wrappers. Grabbed some red construction paper and glue sticks. Then let the boys create their valentines.

4. Fitting Frozen Pizza in the Freezer

Friday nights we like to eat pizza and watch a movie as a family. I try to keep some frozen pizzas ready for family night. Unfortunately our freezer is too narrow to fit the frozen pizza box.

So my solution is to cut out the cooking directions and put the pizza in the freezer with the directions taped on top.

5. Carbon Monoxide Detector

I mentioned in my Wednesday post that my husband has been out-of-town this week (actually out of the country!). My first night home alone was made even more exciting when we had a Carbon Monoxide scare.

Basically our CO detector alarm went off. We weren’t sure if it was just a dead battery…but when it continued to go off even with new batteries we began to get concerned. We brought the portable, battery operated CO detector upstairs from downstairs. It also went of and registered a level as high as 251 ppm (you should leave the house at 30 ppm!).

Once we turned off the heater upstairs the levels went down. It made for a cold night with no heat but I am so very thankful for that alarm. Do you have a CO detector in your home? Did you know they expire? When the heater repair man came we had him install a low-level CO detector. Ask your heating and air provider if they can install one in your home!!

What were some of your favorites this week?