1. Intentional Joy

I wrote on Monday about my realization that I can’t just wait for joy…I need to chose gratitude and contentment which will lead to joy. I’m happy to report that it’s working! Monday was a wonderful day with the boys. I started making my 1000 gifts list again (using the app) and to be content no matter the circumstances. The joy keeps growing!

2. Character Building Taekwondo 

This past weekend the boys had their next belt testing for Taekwondo. It was wonderful to watch them stand in front of the parents and instructors to demonstrate what they have been working hard on for the past few months.

When I signed them up I thought it would be a good physical activity and perhaps help with following auditory directions. I didn’t even realize the positive effects on their character: respect, personal responsibility, self-control, work ethic. They each earned medals at their belt testing for performing well in the classroom, helping out around the house and making resolutions for 2012.

Now they are having a reading contest…which means I found this today:

2. Multi-purpose Jelly Jars

Our boys love toast with jam and PB&J…so we go through a lot of jelly. I fell in love with this brand, Bonne Maman, about 5 years ago while visiting friends in London.

Our favorite flavor is red raspberry preserves. The best part about the jelly is the usefulness of the jars after we’ve finished off the contents! I use them for EVERYTHING!! Here are a couple of examples: 

1) Allowance distribution (Save, Spend, Tithe) (2) art supplies (3) Drawing names for mommy time

3) C Monster Juice

It’s technically winter (although it’s been in the high 70s this week). We’ve caught our first round of colds. So it was time to bring in the big “Vitamin C” guns. This juice is delicious. AND it’s packed with good nutrition. Just like any juice it has a lot of sugar (29grams in 8 oz) but it has 1000% of your daily required Vitamin C! One thousand percent!

4) Downton Abbey

I wasn’t planning to include the Emmy award-winning TV show “Downton Abbey” in my favorites list. However, when my husband asked if it would be included I realized I must have talked about it a lot this week.

Friends on Twitter and my sister were talking about how hooked they were on this show, so I decided to check out Season 1 on Netflix. The series begins with news that the Titanic has sunk…with it died the heir (and heir’s son) to the Downton fortune.

I will warn you that there is one scene in the first episode of Season 1 between two male characters that is “uncomfortable.” But once you get past that…the cast and storyline pull you into another time & culture. You may not want to leave! I’ve finished the 7 episodes all in this one week. I’m hoping to watch the 4 new ones in Season 2 ASAP (start of World War 1).

5) Ants on a log

It’s not a complicated recipe…celery, peanut butter, & raisins. What made this a favorite for me was how my boys completely took charge…they even asked for me to buy the celery. They were so proud of their creation:

What were some of your favorites this week?

*And based on my post from Wednesday on training our children to be amused...did you find any good strategy games in your home? If so, please share them in the comments!

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