I feel like this post should be subtitled: “Pinterest Valentine Edition”. So many of favorites this week were found through Pinterest. We already started celebrating Valentines day with lots of yummy treats!

1. M&M Blondies

Found this recipe on Pinterest and I couldn’t wait to make them!

 Here is the link: M&M Blondies

I was thankful it was only an 8×8 pan recipe…since I pretty much ate them all myself!

2. Sweet & Spicy Bacon Chicken

This recipe was SUPER easy and soooo delicious. Chicken + spices + bacon then rolled into brown sugar = Amazing! Here is the link: Bacon Chicken

I used 4 chicken breasts, each one cut into thirds…so 12 pieces.

3. Starburst Valentines

My eldest son already had his Valentines day party this week. So we put together these cute valentines with Starbursts. The hardest part was finding the perfect bag to hold exactly 12 Starbursts.  I found these at Party City in the cake decorating/candy section (50 bags by Wilton for $1.99).

This was another Valentines Pinterest idea. It originally came from the Better Homes and Garden website. Here is the link: Starburst Valentines.

We downloaded the form and printed it on white cardstock. My son helped fill the bags and write his name on the tags.

Then we just cut out the tags, folded them in half and stapled them on to the top of the bags. They say: “I’m bursting with happiness to be you’re friend”. {love}

4. Family Game Night-Connect Four

After my post on teaching our children to be amused I’ve been on the hunt for strategy games. Last week instead of family movie night we decided to do a family game night. We pulled out Connect Four. It was a big hit! We did a “tournament” and of course daddy was the big winner!

5. Pregnancy photos

With each of the previous pregnancies I would take regular pics in the same outfit to document my “growth”. I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture in the official picture-taking outfit. So we finally did it! Here are pics of me at 37-38 wks pregnant with my 2nd, 3rd, & 4th boys:

I have about  2 weeks left until this little guy arrives. Nesting has set in…went through all the papers on my desk, got a haircut, renewed our vehicle registrations, bought a baby book…let’s do this!

**Oh and here is a bonus favorite…an idea for your Valentine dinner, if you decide to stay home and cook: The Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast. Trust me…it’s fabulous!

What were some of your favorites this week?