“I am too busy.”
“My kids never leave me alone.”
“I don’t even have time to shower.”

We’ve all said them. Excuses for why we don’t read the Bible. Memorize Scripture. Pray.

Sad to report that those excuses are no longer valid if you own a smart phone (for the rest of you…that’s between you and God. 😉 ).

With all the amazing apps available for phones and tablets these days, we really don’t have any excuse for why we aren’t reading the Bible. It’s like having a healthy, life-giving energy bar {aka “Bread of Life”} in our hand and not taking a bite. It’s right there.

Do you check email on your phone? Facebook?

So in those few minutes you could be reading one verse. Meditating on it.

You could quiz yourself on a verse you are memorizing with a cool “fill in the blank” scripture memory app.

You could pull up your prayer request list (from a password protected app) and pray for a friend.

You could highlight a verse and text it to a friend who needs encouragement.

Need ideas for great apps for spiritual growth and ministry? I just so happened to write a post with the top 10 iPhone apps (some are also available for other devices). Check it out at: Do Not Depart

**full disclosure…I have all the great apps on my phone and still choose to look at Twitter, email and Facebook more than His living Word. Relentlessly replacing ‘me’ with ‘He’. It’s a daily battle!!**