My first little guy was a challenge. He was cute & chunky, but cried a lot. He ended up having severe reflux & gas issues for his entire first year…crying for hours and hours at night. We swaddled, patted, paced, swung, shushed…with no luck.

This past Sunday night we sat at the dinner table…my husband, eldest son & myself. I watched my son devouring yummy lasagna a friend brought us. After dinner he walked into the kitchen & returned with a pie for us to share. Then he suggested we play a game of Uno…just the three of us (I snagged this pic real quick on my phone).

I NEVER would have guessed 6 1/2 years ago that this would be the same son. I really thought he would be challenge forever. That he would need consoling for a lifetime.

Was this the same boy almost kicked out of a church program when he was two years old for biting? The one who I was told by his preschool teacher had “difficulties paying attention & most likely always would.”

Yet here he sits with my husband and I enjoying an adult meal & playing a fun game. Loving each others’ company, laughing at jokes & talking strategy.

What the older moms tell you is true. They DO grow up.

So if you are in a hard season (talking to myself too!) remember this will pass. It WILL. Eventually. Pass.

If your baby is crying ALL. THE. TIME. That baby will stop crying eventually. He will grow up. He will laugh a lot more than he cries. You will have lots of fun with him. Some day.

I know that when days are long that perspective doesn’t always help. So just take today. Be fully present and think of 3 things to be thankful for (join Ann in her Joy Dare). Perhaps that will change our hearts from frustration to gratitude to joy (again giving myself a pep-talk!).

Let’s enjoy today because sadly they DO grow up.