1. Officially Announcing…

Thanks to Hallmark I was able to quickly & easily order Knox’s birth announcements (remember they address & mail them for you?).

Unfortunately, my contacts were not 100% accurate. So I’m terribly sorry if I overlooked sending one to you. Particularly if you are one of my siblings and or parents!

Here is the cute back of the card:

2. Water Gun Battles

This past Saturday my super awesome husband took all four boys to Walmart while I went to my Latin Fusion dance class. Not only was that a favorite for so many reasons, but while at Walmart the boys decided to buy water-guns with the money they have been saving. It was a wonderful day hanging out in the backyard together.

There were a lot of smiles…but also some tears. Rules had to be established and requests to “not be shot” honored. We laughed thinking of a passerby listening to our conversations: “The next person to shoot someone who doesn’t want to be shot loses their gun.”

Not only is my husband awesome, he is a genius. When the boys tired of shooting each other with water, he brought out some “targets”. Aka, the recycled trash. 

3. Email Memories

To continue my adoration of my husband…

A couple weeks ago he set up email accounts for each of our boys on Gmail. Now when he takes a pic on his phone he sends it to their personal email accounts…with a description of the memory. For example, when our 4 year-old this weekend told us he peed into his water-gun (um yeah)…picture taken of him with water-gun, moment quoted, and emailed to his account. Hopefully he will think it’s hilarious when he is 17 years-old.

4. Sprinkles Home Delivery

Okay so it’s not like Tiff’s Treats (fresh baked cookie delivery), but it’s close!

My good friend Jamie sent us Sprinkles cupcake mix and circus cupcake decorations. After the boys begging for weeks to make them…we finally did!

We decided to share the yumminess and deliver some cupcakes to our neighbors.

My favorites from this experience were: (1) This–>

and (2) At dinner when asked what his highlight for the day was, my 2 year-old said “taking cakes to our neighbors. they keep the container.” love him!

5. Perfectly Imperfect Easter

Holidays can be a little “foggy” and overwhelming when you have a newborn. With my previous 3 boys it was the slew of fall/winter holidays that were a challenge to keep up with after having a baby. This year it was Easter.

Thankfully I have learned from my previous newborn/holiday experiences and I did not make any crazy commitments…no school parties, no egg hunts, no hosting Easter lunch. My goals were to do the rocks/Easter basket activity & get to church that morning.

The basket activity went okay. We collected our rocks discussed our sin, read the Ezekiel passage, put the rocks in the baskets & they went to bed. Nothing monumental. The next morning I attempted to discuss Jesus taking their sin for himself so they could have blessing & communion with God…I think they were too excited to see what was in their baskets.

 The afternoon before Easter I went out with the older two boys to get their Easter shorts. I decided they could wear the polos from the Newborn pictures (see baby announcement above), sweaters my mom got them at Christmas (since it was suddenly chilly here in Dallas), and we’d get some plaid shorts. Fortunately Children’s Place had 50% off their Easter clothes. Whew!

Here are the boys before leaving for church (please note there was candy consumed that morning):

I was trying to be patient with their antics and capture the moment…but I had just pumped a bottle for the baby (since my dress was not “nursing friendly”), couldn’t find all the pieces for the bottle, and the 2 year old had decided to start potty training again (successfully in the little potty…then unsuccessfully poured on the floor instead of in the big toilet).

Here is the picture of me and the boys after a wild morning getting ready for church:


Here are the highlights from Easter morning:

1) Reading “The Three Trees” to the boys on the drive to church.

2) Finding our Resurrection Garden had finally grown some grass…in the most perfect place…at the foot of the cross.

A great reminder that new life can be found at the foot of the cross…surrendering to His will.

How was your Easter? What were some of your favorites from this week?

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