“Mommy look at all the colors!”

“What colors, sweetie?”

“All the colors! All the colors!” Frantically pointing to the windshield as I drive toward the early morning sun.

Finally I see them. Tiny balls of rainbows scattered around my dashboard.

“Oh yeah! Those are rainbows. The shiny glass on mommy’s necklace is breaking up the light into little rainbows.”

“I like it. I like it a lot. It’s pretty.”

As we walk into school his enthusiasm spills over to the first listening ear…”mommy’s necklace…rainbows..do you want to see it?”

I joke…”oh yeah, come on let’s all go for a ride in the car.”

Moments later truth hits me.

What if I was reflecting Christ’s love the way I was reflecting the sun? What if the beauty of that reflection was so wonderful my son was bursting to share Christ’s love with others?

That morning when I chose the shiny necklace, I wanted to look beautiful. Perhaps I even wanted another mom or stranger to compliment me. Make this sleep-deprived mom feel somewhat attractive.

Little did I know that day it wasn’t going to be the necklace that made me beautiful.It was light bouncing off the necklace that created true beauty. Beauty that impressed a two-year-old.

May I spend more time reflecting Christ’s beauty and love. May I abide in His Word, so I may know His love. By knowing how deeply He loves me, so I can love others the same way.

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