I desire to memorize more Scripture. It is the one way to keep my mind meditating on truth. I’ve tried writing verses on index cards and placing them around the house. Frequently I lose the card or stop looking at it.

My iPhone is always with me (sad, but true). I’ve decided to make Scripture my lock screen. The Fighter Verses app has this ability. If you don’t have that app, here are the steps to putting verses on your wallpaper.

1. Open your YouVersion (free Bible app) app. Search for the verse you want to memorize.

2. Highlight the verse and click on it to copy.

3. Go back to your home screen (where all your apps are) and select your “Notes” app (comes standard on your iPhone).

4. Create a new note and paste the verse.

5. Take a picture of your screen (here is a how-to video: screen shot).  Simultaneously hold down the top lock button (very top right of phone), then double tap the home screen button (below screen, circle button). When the screen quickly flashes the picture was taken (if you hold too long it will turn off the phone).

6. Go back to home screen and open your “Photos” app (where pictures are stored).

7. Select the photo you took of your note with Scripture.

8. Touch the screen to bring up the options at the bottom…select the option on the left (box with an arrow).

9. Choose “Use as wallpaper”

10. Move the scripture to center by sliding your finger down the screen. Then hit “set”.

11. You can chose to set the verse on your lock screen or your home screen or both. I set mine for both but it’s hard to see it on the home screen. So you may just want to set it on your lock screen.

That’s it!! When you have that verse memorized repeat the process with another verse.