1 year.

220 posts.


48,232 page views.

1 mom about to have her 4th boy who contacted me thru this blog.

Talking face-to-face for 3 hours about God-centered mothering while sipping Starbucks…PRICELESS!

One year ago I started God Centered Mom based on a calling. A calling I received after speaking at our church’s MOPs group. Born from a desire to share my journey of humility and encourage other moms. A perfect ministry for me in this season.

Not only has writing been a calling & ministry, blogging has been my therapy. Helping me process the mundane and the extraordinary of the past year.

Shortly after launching God Centered Mom I discovered I was “miraculously” pregnant. Then dealt with the reality I would once again not have a daughter.

This year I’ve been robbed and I’ve broken my foot (both firsts for me). All of these events added to the daily lessons of seeing God in it all. To trust Him. Not just with words. To truly TRUST He has my life in His hands and I don’t have to worry.

First Vlog…

Had my cute, little helper make my first vlog. If I look tired…I was/am. (Note Knox’s reaction to my mention of a 2nd blogoversary.)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7HPRBTKIvI?rel=0]

The Next Steps…

1. No more Few Favorites Friday

Looking forward to this next year of God Centered Mom I’ve decided to stop doing my “Few Favorites Friday” posts. Even though I love how they allowed me to reflect on my weeks and see the blessings. In the future when I have a great activity or resource to share it will be in its own post. This will allow for easy referencing (hard to find an activity when all posts are labeled: “few favorites friday”).

2. Tuesdays with Murray (ok this title came from my husband…)

I’ve decided to share the wisdom of Andrew Murray on a weekly/semi-weekly basis. I shared a quote from him in my “Sibling Summer Survival Guide”. Here is some background on Murray:

“South African pastor and author Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was an amazingly prolific writer, writing over 240 books.”

One book he wrote, “How to Raise your Children for Christ”, contains 52 short chapters. Each chapter deals with a different area of parenting based off a portion of Scripture. He begins in Genesis and his last chapter is based off Hebrews. At the end of each chapter he has written a poignant prayer based on the parenting topic. It’s simply wonderful!

Given his depth of Scriptural knowledge and experience with his own 8 children, I am hopeful it will be a blessing to many. My goal is to read the chapter and summarize it for you here.

Last but not least…

To celebrate a year of attempting to keep God center, I would like to giveaway one of the many books influencing my efforts: “One Thousand Gifts”.

This version of “One Thousand Gifts” was signed by Ann Voskamp. She is a beautiful woman of God, inside and out. When she speaks you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and no longer see her. Her artfully crafted words have shaped my blogging experience and my God-centered mothering.

If you would like to win this autographed copy, please leave a comment below. Giveaway ends June 11, 2012.

Thank you again for a great first year!! Excited for all God will continue to do!