I’m giddy with excitement to share this favorite. My dear friend Misty and her longtime friend, Julie, just launched an awesome mommy-friendly business. Both women are stay-at-home moms who love Jesus. God has gifted them in administration, marketing, style, organization…! We are benefitting from their talents. Their business is called, “The Find Auctions” and I’ll let Misty share more specifically what it’s all about…

What inspired The Find Auctions?

I know we’ve all enjoyed the quest that comes from finding just the right thing. The perfect find. A quirky new restaurant, a fabulous little handbag to wear to that summer party, a great bottle of wine to serve, an incredibly personal gift that will show care. Whatever it is, you know it when you see it and it is somewhat thrilling.

These days my “finds” are mostly more about locating a lost email in my overstuffed (read: unorganized) inbox or searching for my child’s shoe that should have been on her foot ten minutes prior as we race out the door. Oh, dear, that’s a whole other story.

Life’s demands on our schedule eat up our ability to really grab true finds and we often either settle for something or just let it go. Gone are the days of leisurely strolling through boutiques.

Somewhat inspired by the memories of yester-year coupled with the opportunity to search for great finds with a longtime friend, we are on a mission for finds. Not just finds for ourselves, but finds to share with you.

What we are doing?

We’ve been scouring the same designer markets that big name buyers source…picking all the styles you’ll love.

Chic handbags and accessories.

Great accents for your home.

Charming gifts that are almost too good to give away.

Style for every part of your life.

Our finds will come your way on Wednesday nights through a fixed-price auction on Facebook. It’s a soiree of style with your friends.

We are The Find Auctions. Fabulous Finds, No Finder’s Fee.

How do you get in on Finds?

Go to Facebook.com/TheFindAuctions and “Like” the page.  Then you will be signed up to see all of the previews, special deals and surprise announcements.  Here’s out it works:

  • Tune in to Facebook on Wednesday night at 8:30 CST
  • Bid on an item by commenting on the item’s picture with the following info: “sold”, your paypal email address and “OOT” if you are outside of Texas (for sales tax purposes).

The winners are listed shortly after the sale.  The sale is less than an hour and the goodies arrive straight to your doorstep!

The price is fixed and the number of items is set. It’s first come, first served.

What you need to do before Wednesday: 

  1. Make sure you go to facebook.com/thefindauctions and “like” them (also hover over the ‘like’ button and click ‘show in news feed’).
  2. Set up your PayPal account (you will use the email address associated with your account).
  3. Log in to Facebook on Wednesday at 8:30 CST ready to ‘refresh, refresh, refresh’ your news feed to see each “find” as it is posted.

Heather here….sounds fun, right? I’ll see you there Wednesday night!! Better warm-up those fingers.  I did win the “fastest typer” award Junior year of High School…I’m a tough competitor! 😉