This past Sunday we dedicated Mr. Knox Sir at our church. To say I was stressed about standing up on stage with 3 young boys and a spitting up infant is an understatement. Our last parent-infant dedication didn’t go quite as planned. It was actually so bad we considered not having the older boys join us this time.

Thinking back over why I was so nervous to stand with my brood of boys, I realized I was fearful of the judging. That may be surprising since I put myself “out there” on a regular basis on this blog. I share my ugliness and our mess (hopefully in our disaster you see how God is working it out to be beautiful).

That’s fine when you are on the other side of a computer screen. It’s a whole other thing when I can see your eyes and my son is army-crawling across the stage. I worry you think I’m a “bad mom”.

I know this fear of judgment is rooted in my people pleasing problem. I wrote more about my “issues” and God’s Word on the subject over at today–>click here. (some of you mentioned you like to know when I write in other places…so here you go!)

(Just so you know…the big boys did GREAT! Most importantly, we prayed over our sweet boy Knox David, that he may be a man after God’s own heart! AMEN! Oh and the sermon that day…Hypocrisy-The Pressure to Pretend…very appropriate. ;)).