It’s been a year since I wrote “10 things my roomie should know”. In a few weeks I will be boarding a plane and heading back to Harrisburg, PA for the amazing Allume conference (last year it was called “Relevant”). Side note: God knows I REALLY need this. I can’t wait to see how He surprises me with His love. 

Last year I barely knew my roommates…not true this year. I will be sharing a room with 3 awesome ladies who I know “in real life” and online. Let me introduce them:

  • Stefanie writes UpLifting Words and was one of my roommates last year. She and Kristin (see below) worked with me on the DFW blogging conference, Mamas Write
  • Kristin shares the Beautiful Deep and comforts moms who lost a baby with her book, Empty Hands and Hopeful Hearts.
  • I met Kristi Griem last year in the Atlanta airport and the next day she and I shared my makeup. She inspires me through her work helping free trade artisans market and sell their products (like Freeset).

Do you ever play the game “Two truths and a lie”? Basically, you share two things that are true about you and one lie. Then everyone guesses which of the three was the lie. Of course to “win” you need to figure out which two things were true (but outlandish) and which was a somewhat believable lie.

Since I already know my roommates to some level, I thought I would share some of my outlandish 😉 truths and take their knowledge of me to a new level. As a reader of God Centered Mom, these 10 truths may be news to you as well.

  1. I’m not a team player. The only “team” I successfully participated in was “Synchronized Swimming”…that’s really a bunch of synchronized individuals.
  2. From 3rd grade through 8th grade I was homeschooled. (And ‘no’ I never participated in a spelling bee, if you were wondering).
  3. My freshman year of high school, I had a huge brown mole removed from my chin. Had always felt like a witch…I don’t miss it (the mole or the feeling).
  4. My sister is 16 years older and my brother is 11 years older than me…with the same mom & dad. (also have a little brother… 2 years younger than me).
  5. My best friend and I played with Barbies…in middle school…while making song requests on the classical radio station. (refer to #2).
  6. My dad ran for U.S. Congress, State Senate, U.S. Senate, and Governor. Like Abe Lincoln, he did not win those political races…perhaps he should have run for President?
  7. I called out Bingo numbers at a nursing home when I was in 8th grade.
  8. In 5th grade I called a boy asking him to “go with me”. He said “no”. But do you blame him? (see #2, #5, #7).
  9. I wrote about my “calling a boy” story and entered it in a Brio magazine contest. I didn’t win, but a picture of me with my brother was included (it was the issue with Candace Cameron on the front).
  10. There were many, many piano recitals in which my nose suddenly started bleeding…haven’t had a nose bleed in awhile (but keep the tissues handy!).

In case you didn’t click over to last year’s post here is a quick synopsis:

  • sleep with a blankie,
  • often forget to take out my contacts before bed,
  • can carry a lot of stuff w/out concern,
  • don’t like to “miss” any fun/party/conversation (aka extrovert)
  • take lots of notes (overachiever)
  • like to talk a lot (external processor)
  • get silly when I’m not with my kids
  • forget to take pics of myself at conferences
  • am NOT pregnant this year (but will be missing my sweet baby Knox…pray for my hubby home with all 4 boys!).

Told ya no lies in the bunch. What outlandish “truth” would you use in the game “2 truths & a lie”?