Y’all my brain is swimming as I plan & pack to be away from my brood of men for 4 days (at Allume). I literally just placed 11 jars of baby food on a piece of paper. I drew a grid of the days I’ll be gone and the meals for each day. (in writing this I just realized that’s 11 meals I don’t have to cook & I get to sit down at a table to eat…with adults…and have conversation…woot!).

I’m beyond-the-moon excited (which feels good after the past year) for all the lovely Godly women I will be chatting, praying, & worshiping with this weekend. God placed this weekend on His calendar before time began & I have no doubt He will be present. When you think of me will you pray I will be humble & open to His purposes? (gracias!).

By God’s goodness, He had me write a month ago a post for the MOB Society on brothers & facilitating “forever friends”. If this is a topic of interest to you ( if you are a mother of brothers), then click —> here<— to read more.

Just because you only have one boy, doesn’t mean your son can’t have a “brother”. Quade’s best friend has two sisters. He and my son call each other “brothers”. Price’s best friend is about to have his 3rd sister! Remember my hubby had 3 sisters. Give your son a “brother from another mother”!

Is there another boy your son enjoys spending time with? Perhaps you can arrange regular playdates. When they get to be over 5 (maybe even 4yo) you can have “drop off” playdates. Trade off who watches the boys each week. Then both moms benefit because your son has a playmate (other than you) or you get a quiet house for a couple of hours. Win-win.

The tips I share in my “brother” post apply to all sibling relationships, not just brothers. Actually they apply to all relationships. Because God is honored when we love one another with “brotherly love”.

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10

I am blessed with a large group of wonderful women here in Dallas who love me well (even when I’m not so easy to love). AND I have a large group of women online who demonstrate God-centered love in their words of encouragement and affirmation. I can’t WAIT to hug the necks of some sweet “sisters” this week.


May you provide each reader of this post with the opportunity to experience brotherly/sisterly love. Draw a kindred spirit into her life. Break down walls that prevent vulnerability. Give her boldness to take the first step. To invite a sister in Christ to grab coffee. To write a note to encourage a friend. To start a book club or Bible study. May we continue to love one another well for Your Glory.