I am so very thankful for all the godly women (and men man…my dad) who take the time to read my words in this space. So honored.

Thank you also for your prayers last Friday. Having attended MOPS for 3 years, I know the stressful chaos of getting kiddos ready and yourself gorgeous for MOPs meetings. Because of your amazing prayers, this past Friday I felt a “peace that passes all understanding”. Seriously.

The boys didn’t fight getting dressed. One of my sons who’s in a “not liking to go to church” season, didn’t freak out when I mentioned we were going to church. The Lord shared His message through me. AND I won a $25 gift card to Cheesecake Factory in the MOPS giveaways. Sweet!

Most of all, thank you for taking the time to respond to this question in my last post: 

If I desire to humble myself…If I desire to replace “me” with “He”… And only God’s presence can remove seeds of selfishness…

What is the practical expression of these truths? What does it look like to allow God to remove “self” from our hearts? Day in. Day out. 

Reading through your wonderful insights, I felt led to share them to the other readers who may not have checked the comments…so this post was written by y’all:

Seeking his face through worship and sitting quitely with HIM continually throughut every day (even in the midst of play time or cooking or laundry)—contant communion and conversation and praising HIS great name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS is where he meets me and reveals himself to me—and when HE does that—all is well in my soul!–Kelli

Worship. Solitude. Prayer (constant communion/conversation)

We become like those we spend time with and the fruit of the SPIRIT is not something we do or become in our own strength but SPIRIT. So. . . The more we spend time with Him, the more our heart becomes like His…Like we carve out/make time for our spouse, so we need to set aside time to spend with God. –Jo

SPIRITual disciplines. Time with God. Feeding that relationship.

Freedom from anything (pride, selfishness…) is not the absence of that thing but the presence of Someone. 2 Corinthians 3:17 says “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” …So, true change comes from time with Him.–Kristin

Freedom comes from Him. Spirit in, flesh out.

When I ask God, he will reveal my selfish attitudes to me and then I have a choice. I can choose to continue being selfish, or I can choose, at that moment, to pray and ask for forgiveness and for his strength to change and respond accordingly. When I choose to ask for his help, he always comes through with an amazing response.–Kristol

Asking God to reveal selfishness. Choice of self or God. Forgiveness & grace.

It is the problem Paul struggled through in Roman 7:15-25 with the answer given in Romans 8:1-34.  If we “walk in the Spirit” we will not fulfill the sins of the flesh.  We cannot be filled with the Spirit and be filled with self. Impossible!  The secret is when we recognize our self pushing down the Spirit in us (quenching the Spirit though sin—self) we can confess our sin immediately and make any restitution necessary (ie asking forgiveness, if we have wounded others by our sin).  Ask God (literally ask) to fill us again with his Spirit (not indwell–that happens at the new birth–sealed until the day of redemption) and continue to walk in the Spirit by faith…

I know this is a simplistic answer but God’s message to his people was always simple–we walk in the Spirit by faith and received his gift of salvation by faith and faith alone.–My Mom

Y’all are wise women! Thank you for your words!