On the heels of my “lighten up” post, encouraging us to not take ministry so seriously, I thought I would give you a tangible way to make your home ministry chocked full’o laughs.



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It’s hilarious.

And incredibly simple.

Ready for the instructions?

One person asks questions and the another person answers every question with the word: “sausage”.

Yep. That’s it.

Here’s the catch (cuz right about now you think I’m a little nutty)…

You have to answer the question by saying, “sausage” and keep. a. straight. face.

A few examples:

Q: “What’s that in your ear?”

A: “sausage” (said completely seriously)


Q: “If you could only eat one thing for your whole life, what would it be?”

A: “sausage” (seriously)

Get it?

For a kiddo answering the question with “sausage” and NOT laughing and smiling is hard (but a good practice in self-control). And for the other little guy asking the questions, he gets to flex his creativity muscles in coming up with questions to provoke a giggle.

Quade taught us this game while I was driving the car. There was almost a laughter-induced car accident when I heard Price asked, “What’s the name of your girlfriend?”…to which Quade had to answer, “Sausage”. HA!

We’ve found this to be a handy little distraction while waiting for food at a restaurant. Or a great way to change the tone of a “too serious” or “whiny” mood during family dinners (not necessarily with a main course of “sausage”, mind you).

Because time spent together around the table, sharing laughter over “sausage”, as a family…is simply the best. Right?

Let me know if you play with your family & tell me the best laugh-producing question you hear (so I can use it during our game).

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