Hey y’all. Hope life is settling a little with the “first week” of school behind you.  In our home only 1 out of 4 has officially started school. Next week we kick it into high gear as I will be packing 4 lunches for Tuesday. Say what? Yes ‘m. Just me & myself for 5 hours. The goal is productivity. So if you see me on Twitter, FB or Instagram between 9 & 2 on Tues or Thurs please remind me to “get back to work!” (use of a harsh tone will be left up to you).

Although I will get a little break from mothering, life will be full. I’m sure your schedule is packed for the fall. Because doesn’t the year really begin after Labor Day? Not January 1st. Kinda silly we make New Year’s Resolutions in January when so many new programs and sports and Bible Studies start in the fall. Don’t you think?

ANY who…

Thinking about the busyness reminded me of this email that came through a month or so ago.  With the author’s permission, I thought of sharing it with y’all who may have a similar question:

I just don’t know how to get my groove back in spending time alone with God reading the bible and praying and listening. It’s been a huge task since I had my first child. The second is 3months old and I’m back to work and it just looks like the only time i get to do some worship while I’m driving?? Any tips?

In response to her (and you), I’m always thankful to hear a mom desiring to spend more time with God in the midst of this busy season of life.
Here are a couple of the ideas I sent her…

Continue the conversation

Praying while you are driving is a great idea (anyone else seem to spend a lot of time in the car during the school year?). You can also pray while you cook dinner or wash dishes or move clothes from the washer to dryer.

We’ve all heard “pray without ceasing” which can seem a bit overwhelming. Think more of it as a continual conversation with God. You come to Him in the midst of life.  Don’t think of a dividing line between sacred & secular. All of life is sacred. God is just as present at your kitchen sink as the church pew. Seek Him & He will be found. 

Soak in worship

In regards to this specific email question, there are a couple other things you could do while you drive. Turn on a worship song (try Hillsong, Christa Wells, Chris Tomlin) and instead of praying or singing, just listen to the lyrics and keep your thoughts on God. If your mind starts to wander, use a phrase like, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening” (like Samuel in the Temple) to get your focus back.

Listen to His Word

If you have a smart phone, you could use the YouVersion app to listen to God’s word. Search for the book of Proverbs, then go to the proverb with the same number as the date of that day (isn’t it awesome there are 31 Proverbs and 30/31 days in a month!?!). Here is the best part… you could do this while driving or I do it while I’m putting on makeup…with the YouVersion app you hit the speaker option and a theatrical voice will read the Proverb out loud to you.
You could also listen to the Gospels…reading one chapter of John a day. Or the letters of Paul (Ephesians, Philippians, etc).

Call out His name & your need

Going back to prayer, sometimes I just need a real quick refocus. In those instances I love one sentence prayers. The sentence could start with a name you have for God (Father, Lord, Savior, etc) and then a need you have in that moment (“give me peace”, “grant me strength”, “fill me with wisdom”). As simple as breathing out and in (sometimes referred to as breath prayers). Peter used one as he tried to walk on water and then started sinking, “Lord, save me!”.

Write down gifts

Lastly, you could keep a notebook in the kitchen (One Thousand Gifts style…) while you are fixing meals, or by your bed before you go to sleep or even write notes in your phone…list off your gifts of gratitude. (“Thank you Lord for…cold Diet Dr. Pepper” “Thank you for tiny feet in footed pajamas”).

Repeat His promises

If you’ve been in the church any length of time you have probably been guilted into memorizing Scripture. Perhaps you have a negative attitude towards the whole concept. But let’s approach the topic another way.

What if your son or daughter said something super sweet…like super-duper-uper sweet…wouldn’t you just love to repeat what they said. Maybe you would write them down so you won’t forget or email them to your husband or share them with their grandparents.

What if we view God’s words to us similarly? Thinking about His promise not to harm us, His unconditional love for us, His compassion never failing. Wouldn’t those be worth writing down some where, repeating in your mind, and sharing with others? If you need help finding promises, I found this site with 365 (click here)

I’ve made a handy-dandy page to keep posted in your car or inside a kitchen cabinet or on your bathroom mirror, to remind you how to reconnect with God even when you’re “on the go”. (click here to download a copy).

Wouldn’t it be great if we all shared our “on the go” ideas? Tell me how you connect with God during the day (or even list your favorite worship song).

Love learning from fellow chicas!

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