Once again thank y’all for all your encouraging words and for listening to the first official God Centered Mom podcast. Sounded like y’all enjoyed Leslie’s wisdom as much as I do (if you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, you still can by clicking over here).

Besides having the podcast categorized as “buddhist” all week, by God’s grace, all the technology involved in publishing the podcast worked…whew!

As an amateur podcaster it’s hard for me to ask my next question so bluntly, but here it goes…If you happened to listen via iTunes, do you mind leaving a review?

See, apparently the more reviews on iTunes, the more likely listeners will be directed to the podcast. In turn, moms needing encouragement will find God Centered Mom. Resulting in a whole army of “God Moms”, who are great moms because God is on their side.

Now…for the fun news of the day.

Introducing my next  fabulous podcast guest:

Hayley Morgan from the Tiny Twig

Hayley and I met a few years ago and have found commonalities in our “Hoosier-ness” (Indiana natives) and 4-boy-mom-ness.  (I promise not all my guests have four boys…just worked out that way!).

Hayley writes on her blog, The Tiny Twig, inspiring women to create lives of more passion and less fuss. She has also written a book called the “No Brainer Wardrobe” and is a talented jewelry designer. AND she co-hosts a great blogging conference, The Influence Conference, while managing their year-round Influence Network community. She’s one talented lady.

I wanted to interview Hayley because as a fellow young mom, it seemed y’all would benefit from hearing peers discuss what challenges us in this season and what we are slowly learning in the process.

Here’s a podcast sneak peak:

-Hayley & I talk about the hardest part of being a mom.

-How having more than the “social norm” of children has forced us into more introverted versions of ourselves.

-Hayley shares a great quote from Peyton Manning in our discussion of the humiliation of motherhood.

-She tells us what it means for her to “mothering openhandedly” . You will be reminded of how your children’s success is not dependent on your efforts.

We spend time talking about what it means to be “sensitive to the Spirit” and to “walk in the Spirit”. Most importantly we each share times in motherhood where we felt distant from God and how we found our way closer to His heart.


love this pic Hayley posted of her son on Instagram…alongside the pic she wrote: “Let’s be honest, I’m not going to get any awards for being the most “together” mom. We piled in the car for school pick up and Asher didn’t have pants…but he DID have snow boots and a paci. I am all for kid independence when it has little/no bearing on the outcome. We were staying in our cozy van, so what was the harm in letting him choose his attire? I am more for fostering independent attitudes and abilities in my kids than maintaining the perception that my life is ‘just so’.”


During the podcast, Hayley mentions enjoying biographies about Elisabeth Elliot…if you are interested in getting your own copy, I found one on Amazon: Elisabeth Elliot: Joyful Surrender (Christian Heroes: Then & Now. *affiliate link.

I hope our conversation blesses you and…

May God draw you close to Him so He can guide your steps today and whisper His love over you.