Oh Chica (and the occasional Chico). I can’t wait to share another friend with you. Crystal Stine is one of my online/real life people. Our paths first crossed on the #hellomornings Twitter stream (yes, I realize how silly that sounds). Then a few years ago we worshipped together early one morning at a Hellomornings meetup in Pennsylvania (yes, that sounds even odder…but there is nothing like the bond of Christ to seal the deal of friendship). I’m sure we cried together, too. Cuz it’s me. On previous GCM podcast episodes I’ve interviewed my mentors  and also some peers. This time I thought it would be helpful to share the story of a mom a few steps after me (I may even call her my “mentee” during the interview…slightly presumptuous). Crystal is a first time mom to a adorable 2 year old. But her original plan did not include children. She dreamed of the fancy college, great degree, & impressive job in New York City. Listen to the podcast and learn how her heart changed. Then once God changed her desires, hear how He humbled her further. Lastly, if you are a mom to one kiddo or several, Crystal shares great tips for how to stay God-centered while balancing a full-time career and being a mom.

Show Notes:

Hellomorningshttp://www.hellomornings.org/ VA Serviceshttp://crystalstine.me/services/ (in)courage: incourage.me Motherhood Perpetual CalendarThe Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas

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Connect with Crystal-

Blog: crystalstine.me Twitter: twitter.com/crystalstine Instagram: instagram.com/crystalstine

What’s your story? Have you always wanted kiddos? What changed your heart?

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