Get ready to be blessed. Encouraged. Lifted up.

Rachel Anne Ridge is a wife of 30 years, mom of three grown children and Nana to one little. You will be blessed by her calm, simple approach to parenting with grace and truth.

Little did I know when I asked Rachel to be on the podcast, that the day before our interview she wrote a viral blog post encouraging the lonely mom of older kids (click here to read it).

Her honest, yet hopeful words, are what I’m sure caused 37,000 + people on Facebook to like her words. She admits the hard parts but encourages moms to keep their eyes on the bigger purpose.

Her fabulous site is called “Home Sanctuary”. She has built her dream art business for 15 years, and is currently writing her first book, “Flash, The Donkey”, due to be published in spring of 2015 by Tyndale Momentum. Be on the look out for even more great things from this godly woman.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Rachel and I’m confident you will as well.

Show highlights:

  • Rachel shares personal parenting challenges and what she (and her husband) did to overcome them.
  • Discover a variety of ways to get God-centered (none of which include getting up early).
  • Hear Rachel’s parenting regret and advice on how to avoid it.
  • Be encouraged by Rachel’s greatest parenting strength.
  • For the mom of older children, listen to Rachel’s thoughts on how discipline changes during this stage to a coaching role.
  • Most importantly hear the Truth of God’s great love for you and your family.


Show Notes:

Growing Kids God’s Way: Biblical Ethics for Parenting

 * Rachel shares they attended training in this parenting approach. She also alludes to the fact they did not agree with all the information in this program. She shared with me later how attending the course together allowed them to get on the same page and then toss what they couldn’t use. After some research I found parents strongly divided on this training approach. If you are looking for other grace-based parent training, then here are some other resources:

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

 by Gary Chapman

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