Today’s podcast guest has created a work of art, a symphony, capturing all the emotions wrapped in the role of being a mother. And not just the relationship between yourself and your children, but analyzing all that goes into being a daughter. Helping the reader retrace where she is from and where she is going. Fabulous.

Lisa-Jo’s masterpiece is called, “surprised by motherhood: everything I never expected about being a mom”. You can go to her book page here. Or order a copy here (click book picture below…Amazon affiliate link):

Lisa-Jo is one wise lady. Her depth of human insight and her practical view of gospel-living is beautiful. She describes the day-to-day mundane and extremely complex in tangible ways. (AND she has a pleasant-to-the-ear South African accent to boot.)

After reading her story I was struck by how little we really know about people until we read 200 pages they have poured out. And even then we have just scratched the surface (like my high school English teacher’s told me, “Handle people gently because you never know the burden they carry”).

In our little chat about the book, we focused on several relationships that influenced Lisa-Jo’s motherhood journey. We talk about:

  • Her own mother’s role in helping her develop an open heart of community & hospitality
  • Her father’s redemption story and his expression of deep love for Jesus through his prayers
  • Her daughter Zoe’s birth and how it healed deep broken places
  • A large man named Chuck’s words that opened her heart to considering mothering in the first place
  • Her son Micah’s passion that allowed her to become a student and fall “in like” with her son

My hope through this podcast is that you will consider all the people God has placed in your path to draw you to Him. All the people He is using to direct your steps in the good plan He has set before you.

Even if that road includes unbelievable grief, trusting with time all things will be made right.

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