Okay y’all. It’s May this week (what?).

Are you feeling the end-of-school-year itch? As the commitments/events/general calendar-load increases , is your enthusiasm decreasing? (the season when everyone forwards Jen Hatmaker’s “worst end of school year mom” post).

Life can feel pretty full. In the midst of all the recitals, sports events, banquets, and parties, your top priority may not be God’s business. You probably aren’t looking around for ways to join Him in His work.

Maybe you feel like you are “just a mom” and have nothing to offer to God in this season of life. Or you don’t have enough experience or a seminary degree. Or your calendar is just too full.

Well, hate to break it to ya, but today’s podcast guest, Kristen Welch, tells her story of saying ‘yes’ to working with God it refutes all the excuses. 


There is nothing magical about Kristen or super-spiritual. She is a mom to three children. She puts her pants on one leg at a time like you and me. She loves God.

Growing up she had a passion to turn the world upside down for Him, so she wore a sparkly Jesus pin around her high school. She went to Bible College. Got married. Did church ministry. Had kids. Then pursued the American Dream . . .

But what causes her story to rise about the rest is through her “yes” to doing something outside of her comfort zone.

God uses everything, every choice, to create the mosaic of our lives. -Kristen Welch

She saw a need and God directed her path to help that need. . .in Kenya, opening a maternity home, The Mercy House. Funded 95% by blog readers and run by native Kenyans, this home provides a safe and nurturing environment for young women about to be mothers (some of whom are orphans themselves).

The great news? Kristen wrote down the whole journey in her new book called, Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Sparkly, Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough

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In a non-condemning, grace-filled way Kristen encourages us to see where God’s working and join Him. Even if that’s saying “yes” to scooping ice cream for your husband, or saying “yes” to changing one more dirty diaper. . .

We say ‘yes’ to the everyday mundane. Those ‘yes’es build up. . . Now I’m a ‘yes’ addict. There is no magical formula now that I’ve said ‘yes’ to God. People who change the world are regular people with real struggles. – Kristen Welch

In today’s episode:

  • hear about the season Kristen used to call the “wasted years” and how she now views them.
  • how her parenting perspective changed from child-centered to God-centered.
  • what Compassion International trip she said “no” to before she went to Africa
  • her advice to the woman who wants to say “yes” but may not have a supportive spouse
  • her encouragement to find your own Mercy House, the dream/calling/sweet spot God has for you.
  • how serving together as a family has helped not hurt her children.

Show Notes:

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