June 3rd is special day around our house. First of all, it’s my hubby’s birthday (the most special part of the day, for sure). Last year he turned 40. So this year… well, we just don’t label ages any more.

It also marks the day I launched “God Centered Mom”!

Annnnddd (I’ve never mentioned this before, but. . .) on that exact date we also conceived my fourth son…*blushing*. Just go back and look at the first reason the day is special. . .I’m a good wife.

So when I tried to figure out how many years I’ve been writing here, I just added my son’s age + 9 months (yep). In this case, that brings us to celebrating 3 years together!

WHICH makes this our golden anniversary/birthday (do you celebrate these in your family? when the date of your birthday is the same as the number of years you are turning.)

I just can’t let this golden opportunity go by without doing something.


AND since on June 3rd we were at Legoland (just because my hubby asked to go…or not), I have a coordinating gift for you. . .

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared my new summer sanity saver? PLEY! (like Netflix for Legos).  Here’s the post where I share all the goodness of Pley.

For ALL my readers, you can click this link and get ONE free rental set of Legos right to your door. –> Free Trial Set of Pley


(just realized I’m big into the ALL CAPS today. . .  I’m not yelling at you. It’s just all the excitement. Promise. Okay back to my news). 

Because y’all loved reading about Pley and shared my post so much on social media, the Pley team contacted me. And they also wanted to give y’all some stuff.  So enter the giveaway below to win one of these fabulous (and generous) prizes. Giveaway ends June 19th at 7pm. Winner Announced June 20th.

  • 6-month Super Fan subscription ($150 value)
  • 3-month Super Fan subscription ($75 )
  • LEGO Creator Treehouse set ($25)

(and your kids will be as happy as these. . . making you mother of the year!)


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Thanks y’all for reading along. For supporting me. For embracing the new podcast this year. For sharing the new movie guides (including the most popular post from the blog…The Lego Movie Discussion Guide. . .which I guess also goes with today’s theme!).

And for joining me on Instagram and my Facebook page to find daily inspiration for staying “God Centered”.

Y’all ROCK! (there I go again).