You know people in your life who light up a room when they walk in? That’s my friend Melissa Jenkins.

After spending hours chatting with her in the Tae Kwon Do waiting room, I gained an even deeper appreciation for who God made her to be and the light she is shining for His glory.

And I can’t wait to share her with y’all!

Melissa is married to Kyle and they have FIVE boys (the oldest is 9!). Together they started a nonprofit called, Vickery Meadows Ministry, which you can read more about over on their site 


In today’s podcast, Melissa shares her ministry story and so. much. more. Make sure you listen all the way to the end and don’t miss how they apply their ministry approach to parenting and discipling their children.

Anyone is qualified to talk to God.–Melissa Jenkins

Based on this interview, I’m going to give you a challenge.

  • Open your Bible (or the closest devotional) and read one verse.
  • Pray and asked God how He is leading you to apply what it says to your life.
  • Let me know at end of today how it went (can even use #applyTruth)

Were you able to mediate on the verse throughout the day? Did you get a chance to apply and obey what God had showed you?

Through obedience, God can change our hearts.–Melissa Jenkins

In this episode we also chat about:

  • Where Melissa & her husband Kyle decided to spend their first year of marriage.
  • How they became involved with a family from Afghanistan.
  • How watching a documentary moved their ministry to a new area of need.
  • How they love people on the fringes, who may not walk into a church building.
  • How Melissa entered a strip club by offering to wash the girls’ feet. . .and it worked (read one of their team members’ story here “so I went into 10 brothels last night“)
  • How a ministry can be derailed by spiritual warfare . . . learning to protect your family & marriage.
  • How they re-grouped and re-focused on the initial ministry purpose–> not a job but a call to care for others because of their love for Him.
  • How we can all struggle with content, even if we see those living with less.
  • How she uses their ministry approach–any one is qualified to talk to God–to help train her children how to connect with God.
  • How they have a creative time of worship. . .superhero costumes and all.
  • Lastly. . . you must hear what Kyle and Melissa carry around town to start conversations.

Connect with Melissa:

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Show Notes:

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