Okay, okay, I know. We are supposed to like/dislike Pinterest.

It’s the place we get both inspired and jealous in a single moment. We trash talk all the bad it has done to planning weddings, children’s birthdays, and simple dinner parties. Yet we continue to “pin” longingly after a better world.

BUT this weekend Pinterest did a little good for this mom.

A friend had shared this pictured:

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And if you’re wondering why I’m showing you 4 grown men in a tub, let me explain.

A few years ago people thought it would be funny to recreate pictures from their childhood. In this case, four brothers took a picture together in a bathtub just like the one of them posed above it. See?

When I saw the pic my first thought was: “hilarious”.

Then my brain began to register. . .wait. . .I have four boys. And I have pics of all four of them in a tub. That top picture is my daily reality. 

And oh my goodness. . .the bottom picture is my future.

After a minor freak out about having four full-grown men, plus my husband, in the house eating all. the. things, I actually began to hope.

Because I would love for my boys to take a recreated picture. I pray they will be that good of friends to squeeze into a bathtub. Bruce and I have worked really hard to give them a good sense of humor. So we would be proud if they found this kind of activity stinking hilarious.

Now whenever I see a picture with all four boys in it I project grown men sitting in their place. Which at first results in a giggle and then bleary eyes. . .


And for the most hilarious, I really hope for an adult version of this one:

So, remove grief and anger from your heart and put away pain from your body, because childhood and the prime of life are fleeting.            (Ecclesiates 11:10)

Look around at your pics. Which one do you hope your kids recreate?