Don’t Settle for “As Is”, Meet the New You :: Elisa Pulliam {Ep 99}

Dec 7, 2015

Christ came as a newborn babe. Humble and vulnerable. To rescue us. To bind up the brokenhearted. To save us.

But not only to reunite our souls with our Heavenly, Holy Father. . .but to make us new creations.

We say, “Yes, I believe Jesus. I trust in You. I surrender this life to Your hands.”

But what if our next moments, months, years don’t look new. What if we struggle to have outsides reflect a surrendered life?

How does one move forward?

Not expecting to be perfect. But not settling for “as is”.

Because “as is” doesn’t reflect the transforming power of Christ in us. He desires to day-by-day make us more like Him.

If you find your soul saved but your habits stuck “as is”, then today’s guest, Elisa Pulliam will give you hope. Her story includes “wild banshee” anger which was brought under control through counseling and prayer.


In this episode, Elisa shares her salvation story and then her healing story. Given her background as a life coach, Elisa understands the process of making change a reality.

“In coaching I never tell a person what to do. I ask questions to allow the person to get to the “ah ha” with God. Because when the person gets to the “ah ha” that’s the beginning of change.”

Her book (releasing Dec 15th) is a practical 21-day guide to meeting the new you. I have loved it’s simplicity but intentionality. A great way to lead into a new year.

Connect with Elisa:

Breaking Up with Perfect :: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter

What we chat about:

  • Elisa’s transition from a Long Island mall chick to Christ follower.
  • Wanting to see more fruit and outward change after being “saved”.
  • The moment Elisa realized her anger was out-of-control and she needed help.
  • How Elisa’s memories were healed through counseling and prayer.
  • Elisa’s method of “Trap and Transform” to help her in the every day challenges.
  • The new name Elisa claimed as a remembrance of being a new creation.
  • How God is a redeemer and loves to take us “as is” and make us new.
  • Elisa’s life coach experience and how she applies it to helping readers experience life change.

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  1. Kristina

    I teared up when she told the story of the crockpot. I long to respond with grace and love to my little one and husband. I feel like and desire and pray to give over this need to control and fret but it just doesn’t seem like I give it to God because I continue on in my own strength. I don’t want to either. I am still holding to something and I don’t know what. Elisa has the most real and encouraging testimony. thank you for sharing it.

  2. Shelly

    I too long to be grace filled. I have embarked on challenges to stop losing my temper and yelling over trivial things. I fail each time. I often wonder when I die what people will describe me as… As a mother and wife. I long to be cleansed.

  3. Kate

    This episode really spoke to me and I am just still mulling it over. Do you have transcripts available? I’m hoping to spend some quiet time reflecting on this episode and some other teachings that are speaking to my heart and would love to be able to have a written copy of this if it’s available.


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