If we grabbed coffee in August, September or October and you asked how I was doing, my answer would have been, “Life is full.” I’d filled every crevice of every day. Yet my soul felt empty.

Then mid-November my parents came to live with me. And my “full life” either had to be drained of non-essentials. There was no way I could keep the current pace and care for my ill parents.

Throughout this process, Erin Loechner’s book “Chasing Slow” sat on my bedside table. It’s the first book in over a year I’ve read start to finish. Her words helped guide me through my “pace altering journey”.

Whether you live a fast or slow life, you can chose to live that fast life slowly or that slow life quickly.  .  .  I used to think the opposite of control is chaos. But it’s not. The opposite of control is surrender.  .  . We were never meant to change the pace. We were meant to surrender it.


In this episode Erin shares a bit of her story: her husband’s brain tumor, her struggle with panic attacks, and her journey to “life pace satisfaction”. May her words encourage you to seek God’s will for how to live your life. Trusting His pace over yours.


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What we chat about:

  • The turning point when the man she loved was diagnosed with brain tumor.
  • Choosing to no longer live in fear of her husband’s expiration date.
  • The guilt we layer onto anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Not just changing your pace, but changing how you see your pace.
  • False idea that outside changes will change the inside.
  • Letting yourself be a little uncomfortable with your circumstances.
  • The metaphor of learning to surf and surrendering control.
  • How “chasing slow” applies to motherhood.
  • What makes a “good mom”

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