You see “her” speaking in a sweet singing voice to her children. Or “her” perfectly decorated, should-be-in-a-magazine, home. Or “her” children in matching holiday attire, hands to themselves and smiling beautifully.

And frustration turns to anger when you compare your reality to “her” fantasy.

But there’s hope.

It comes from today’s podcast guest, Susan Seay.

Susan’s goal is to help families live intentionally. As a homeschooling (web-savvy) mom to 7 children (1 boy, 6 girls), she’s had lots of experience working towards that goal.

Thankfully Susan is real. She shares her own struggles and hard places. She offers encouragement and tangible help.

About five years ago Susan began helping authors and speakers create online courses/webinars to connect with audience ( Now she is hosting her own webinars for moms, called “Mom’s Night Out Online”.

Since this episode first aired in December of 2014, Susan has written “The Intentional Parent” book and created “Intentional Parent Card Sets” with fabulous, conversation starting questions to ask your kids.

What we talk about:

  • How Susan started hosting webinars (and why she’s a great friend)
  • The time of day Susan was most aware of her anger & the personal rule she implemented.
  • How our frustrations are often rooted in expectations &/or comparison
  • Importance of pinpointing the trigger of frustration and the response
  • How to reframe your parenting approach. . .picking your top 3 core values.
  • The need to choose core values that honor who you are & not pick what you “think” you should be
  • An illustration God showed Susan for His perspective on how her friendships were changing.
  • What one thing Susan wants moms to know.
  • What one mothering mistake Susan made & how she changed.
  • The breaking point she reached and the discovery she and her husband made—the idols they had made out of the things God had called them.

GCM Podcast Club Discussion Questions:

  1. Being a mother is the ultimate refiner’s fire. What are some ways motherhood is refining you to be the person God made you to be?
  2. Do you feel a struggle between emotional responses to your children and intentional responses? Identify some areas where you would like to be more intentional with your parenting.
  3. Susan shares about choosing 3 core values for your family and parenting with those as your focus. What would be on your list of top 3 values? Include your family in the process of choosing values!
  4. In life, friends will come in and out of our lives as they follow the path God has for them. Do you have a friend who has moved out of close contact with you? Take time to pray for her. Ask God for an encouragement to send her. We all need it!
  5. In what ways do you identify with Susan in feeling the burden to make sure your kids “turn out ok”? Take a moment to surrender your kids to God and let him speak over you what your role as a mom really is.

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