I’m so excited to share my dear friend Erin Morgan with you in this episode! We go way back in friendship and in motherhood.

She is the introvert to my extrovert and in this chat we’re diving into how to thrive as an introverted mom. When she and I had younger kids, the constant togetherness of parenting was very draining for her.

I was just completely overwhelmed, which causes me to withdraw and isolate big time. I just had no energy for other people. I wanted to pursue my friends and my relationships with other people, but there was just no margin for that in my mind.

We talk about how she learned more about herself as she learned about the gift that introversion can be. As she asked God where she should invest her life, he encouraged her that focusing on motherhood and a few deep friendships was his best for her.

I had to get with the Lord and be reminded that what I’m doing in this season of life with my children and my family is a true ministry and is where God has me. And I really felt like he was impressing on me this kind of motto for my life, which is that a small and faithful life is pleasing to the Lord.

I’m so thankful for Erin and her introvert “super powers” of listening and passionate, faithful prayers. She is a thoughtful friend who has a lot of wisdom and encouragement for other introverted moms out there. Extroverts can learn a lot about their introverted friends by hearing what she shares too!

What we chat about:

  • Some background on Erin’s and my friendship
  • How Erin introduced me to Kat Lee of Hello Mornings
  • What Erin learned about being an introvert after she started having kids
  • The validation she feels knowing who God made her to be
  • Where introverts fit into the modern Evangelical church
  • Hearing God for what you are called to and not focusing on what others are doing
  • “A heart at peace gives life to the body” Proverbs 14:30
  • Introverts can isolate themselves too much and miss out on investing deeply in friendship
  • Being present in someone’s life to listen to and empathize with them is a super power
  • Introverts and extroverts process information differently and a different speeds
  • God’s design for the different types of personalities is good

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