Happy New Year! We’re starting the year off right with mile-long to-do lists and a complex highlighting system so we don’t forget to wash the dog in the midst of crocheting that giant bow. 


But we are thinking about what went well in 2023 and what we’re focusing in on 2024. Whether you make resolutions or not, evaluating how things are going is helpful and the flip of the calendar is a natural time to do just that. But because we’ve been victimized by the to-do list just as often as we’ve been helped by it, we brought in professional help. Laurel Denise, better known as Lolly, from Laurel Denise Planners joins us to talk about planning and to help us make sense of all those task-thoughts running around our brains. 

Getting Sidetracked may be a little more productive than usual this month! (but still with plenty of laughs!)

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