Right off the bat Cynthia and I get sidetracked by my grumpy mood. A mood I blamed on an instagram battle but probably more about my grief of having a senior who is actually going to college! 

There’s some rehashing of the Bachelor, Heather’s advice for renting with Turo and discussion whether audiobooks count as reading. We also get sidetracked talking about all of the end-of-school year emotions including Cynthia’s current struggle over her first grader’s learning and reading challenges. She claims her stage of life is somewhere between Kidzbop music and shapewear from Soma. Which makes us wonder how would you describe your current parenting stage? 

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you are on (or maybe you are in both seasons) this episode will give you encouragement that God cares for our kids more than we ever will and He has a good story for their lives. 

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