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Help moms get God-centered. . .

Have you been encouraged by the 80+ episodes & interviews of the God Centered Mom Podcast?

Want to make sure other moms know how to stand firm in the crazy waves of motherhood?

Get the word out about this podcast by simply leaving a rating/review over at iTunes.

In exchange? I’d love to thank you on my next podcast. After reading your review, I’ll mention you on the show in appreciation. Deal?

Here are the easy steps to leave a review:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click on the iTunes store
  3. Search for the God Centered Mom podcast (<–or click link to then click over to itunes)
  4. Click on the “ratings & reviews” tab (if on your computer) or “reviews” (on your phone)
  5. Right under the title “Customer Reviews” click “write a review”
  6. Listen to the next episode for your name!

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