The Man I Want to Become

The moment the sonographer announced, “it’s a boy” I held back tears. A fourth boy? Really? No pretty bows? No ballet class? On the drive home the tears finally spilled out while sharing the news with my dad. Thankfully he shifted my perspective with one statement, “The world needs more godly men.”

With all the world turning it’s eyes toward empowering young women, we can’t neglect to equip and encourage young men. The good news is this isn’t a zero sum game. Both genders can be emboldened to do Kingdom work and develop grit and character for God’s glory!

Like my dad said, God has assigned me with the task to raise up godly men. Thankfully I don’t accomplish this task alone. He has allowed other men to step in and guide our boys.

One such amazing human is my sons’ teacher, Chris Thelen. A former Army captain and Dallas Theological Seminary graduate, he brings intentional discipleship to all he does from math lessons to cross country practice. As my son says, “Mom, I learn more about God in math class than in any other class.” Mr. Thelen weaves faith into everything he does. He takes his role in students’ lives seriously.

Beyond teaching math, he leads the six grade boys in Bible class. Each year the boys are given the ‘homework’ to fill out “The Man I Want to Become” worksheet. Parents come alongside their sons and consider current positive traits they display and virtues they would like to develop…all for the sake of gospel movement.

Last Saturday Bruce and I took our sixth grader to Starbucks and huddled over a high top table to complete this important work. I snapped a pic and shared our little date on Instagram. The next day we took my eighth grader and had him fill out the form again. What struck me is how much two years impacts a boy’s confidence in who they are and who they want to become.

Several of you asked to see a copy of this document so you could complete it with your boys. Good news! Mr. Thelen gave me permission with the words, “Anything that helps push people toward Him.”

Click below to download a copy.

Praying it is a blessing to help your son become the man he wants to be. And fill this world with godly men!

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