What is a God Centered Mom? {Start Here}

The center of pride is service to self. To live humbly God must be the center.

The goal of this site is to encourage moms to exchange self-centeredness with God-centeredness.

Motherhood is hard and it feels like we are always giving and doing for others. However, if we give of ourselves and still expect to be the center the result is constant humiliation and frustration.

Instead, if we chose to daily clothe ourselves in humility, by placing God in the center, we are free to serve our families with joy and bring God glory.

Where to start?

  1. Read through the “Symptoms of Self” Series to identify what qualities reveal themselves when we are self-centered versus God-centered
  2. Read the “Hear the Whisper” posts for Biblical Examples of pride and humility.
  3. Read the “Replacing ‘me’ with ‘He’ Series” on establishing a spiritual rhythm with God…strength to last throughout your day.
  4. Subscribe to God Centered Mom to receive daily encouragement from my own struggles with self-centeredness and a direction toward God…our Center.

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