(to my loyal readers from “the mac boys” blog this post may seem familiar. I am posting it on this site since it was the catalyst to beginning God Centered Mom.)

I recently diagnosed myself with a disease. I have been exhibiting symptoms associated with this disease for decades. With each symptom, I have prayed to God to  heal me.  Recently I discovered that this group of symptoms had a common, root cause…a disease.

There is a spectrum of severity associated with this disease. Fortunately, my case is not severe due to the loving, gracious husband who has helped with treatment. Maturity, mothering 3 young children, lots of prayer, Bible study and godly counsel has lessened the severity.   This disease may unfortunately be chronic but my hope and prayer is that I can be completely healed from it.

After becoming aware of my illness and coming to my knees before God, the next stage in my healing process is to be vulnerable and confess my disease with others (thus the reason for this post).

Sadly, many people suffer from this disease. I feel that it is almost to an epidemic level.  Below is a list of symptoms that are seen with those who have this disease.  Perhaps like me you may have been “treating” some of these symptoms and you are also unaware of their common root cause.  Hopefully this post will not only be therapeutic for me but for enlightening for you.  Here we go…


1) lack of gratitude in general–think you deserve what is good. may even complain because you think you deserve better
2) anger–includes outbursts of anger, withdrawing, pouting, or frustration. another word for anger is moody.
3) being focused on lack of gifts and abilities–always down on themselves. have “woe is me” attitude.
4) perfectionism–strive for everything to be perfect for recognition. may do it to feel good about themselves
5) talking too much–do it b/c they think that what they have to say is more important than what anyone else has to say.
6) seeking independence or control–find it extremely difficult to work under someone else or to submit to an authority. “i don’t need anyone.”
7) being devastated or angered by criticism–cannot bear that they are not perfect or have weaknesses b/c they cannot accept who they really are
8) lack of admitting when you are wrong–make many excuses “i was tired.” or “i was having a bad day.”
9) voicing preferences or opinions when not asked–preferences my be voiced without consideration for others
10) using attention getting tactics–try to draw attention to themselves through dress, bizarre behavior, being rebellious, talking about their problems

WOA!! Any hit home for you?

You may be wondering what is the name of this horrible disease with so many awful symptoms? It’s…

PRIDE.  def: “The mindset of self (a master’s mindset rather than that of a servant): a focus on self and the service of self, a pursuit of self-recognition and self-exaltation, and a desire to control and use all things for self. ”

Did you see that coming? =)

I pray that you can let this all sink in and process it so that it can be used for God’s glory. My next post will direct us in the treatment of this devastating disease.

****Please note: do not read this post and overanalyze yourself and constantly examine yourself the point of introspection. I am GUILTY of this and it is again a manifestation of pride…constant focus on myself.****

This information on pride came from the booklet, “From Pride to Humility: A Biblical Perspective” by Stuart Scott