I really enjoyed sharing some of my favorite fun things with you last Friday, so I’m doing it again…

1) Hot Hunt

This week my 3 yr old asked me if we could have an Easter egg hunt. Somewhat reluctantly I conceded and pulled out the baskets and plastic eggs from my holiday storage bin. Then I went outside in the 100 degree heat and tossed empty plastic eggs all over the yard and in the flower beds. A few were placed strategically but most were just thrown randomly about. The boys waiting patiently inside until I gave them the “okay”.

Once given the signal they ran outside and started furiously putting eggs in their baskets…until my oldest son said, “hey they’re empty!” (about the same time the baby made the same discovery).
 Fortunately my creative mommy brain was firing and I responded with, “Yeah, you are supposed to get as many eggs as you can and whoever has the most wins a piece of candy.” That statement returned the competitive spirit and energy and they were back to collecting. After all eggs had been claimed we came inside to the air conditioning and counted.
Even though the oldest had 25, middle had 18 and youngest had 1…of course I gave every boy a piece of candy. I’m not completely cruel! (don’t you like the shirtless boys? It’s 100 degrees. do you blame them?)

2) “Ok Go” You Tube Videos

I shared this with you in my post on creativity but perhaps you still haven’t watched these videos. I’m telling you they are great!! The “This too shall pass” video has 27 million views. I showed my boys and they laughed throughout the entire video. My middle son said, “this is really amazing”. The key to their videos is the “one continuous shot” concept. Which means the camera never stops filming.  I actually like the songs too…enjoy!

3) Painting with water

I’ve seen others talk about this activity and I’ve shared it before…painting with water outside. All you need is a bucket of water and a brush. This time when my boys painted they actually painted with squishy water torpedoes. I’ve had them paint our fence before…but their most favorite is painting our rock path. They  feel such a sense of accomplishment…until the sun dries up their work. That only provides an opportunity for the fun to begin again.

teamwork in action! (yes we need haircuts badly)

4) Iced coffee update

I had no idea that iced coffee was such a big hit for some many people. I got some great tips for how to make my iced coffee even better.

Here is my friend Erin’s recipe:

Brew a large pot of strong coffee, pour it in a pitcher and keep it in the fridge. Make some simple syrup by putting one cup sugar and one cup water on the stove just until sugar melts. Let that cool completely, then store it in the fridge also. Then, when you’re ready for the iced coffee, pour half a glass of coffee, a few tablespoons (I just eyeball it) of simple syrup, and half and half or milk or whatever with ice. Stir it up and enjoy! it’s the simple syrup that makes all the difference!

Also, of course, the Pioneer Woman posted her recipe for iced coffee this past Monday (do you think she got inspired by my post last Friday? HA!). Her version looks like a little more work but also looks incredible.

My update regarding iced coffee is my new favorite straw cup! Love it! The lid screws on so that it’s locked in place and the straw also has a little stirring component on the bottom to help mix all the yumminess together.

5) This blog

I am enjoying writing more than I ever thought I would. It has given me a way to express my thoughts. Encourage others. Interact with moms. Thank you for sharing with me in this new venture.

What have been some of your favorite things this week? Share them in the comment section. Make sure you check back later to see what fun things are shared.