my dad:

~3 things I appreciate~

  1. His constant words of encouragement and love
  2. His unwavering faith…even at great costs
  3. His discipline in even the small things…running each morning on his little trampoline

~3 wonderful memories~

  1. Weekly Wednesday morning donut dates discussing life, enjoying a sprinkled chocolate glazed donut, and reading my precious moments Bible together.
  2. Walking the beaches of Florida in the early morning sharing what God is teaching us and where He is leading each of us.
  3. Sharing laughs while watching “The Cosby Show” , reading the Sunday comics together on the couch and enjoying great movies.

~3 memories I want to make~

  1. Explore the rainforest of Costa Rica this summer
  2. Reading his next book project now that he retired
  3. Playing family games together over Thanksgiving when they are back in the country

 their dad:

~3 things my boys appreciate~

  1. The joy he expresses in each little thing they do
  1. His words of encouragement, love, and humor…even when they are undeserved
  2. How much he loves their mom

~3 wonderful memories~

  1. Bumpy rides
  2. Morning prayer
  3. Daddy’s yummy chocolate chip pancakes 

~3 memories they want to make~

  1. camping trips (outside the backyard)
  2. 2 on 2 basketball games
  3. family mission trips overseas

Dear heavenly Father,

Thank you for blessing me richly. Your faithfulness endures forever. Even in the midst of difficulty Your hand has guided me.  Your mercy is new every morning. I praise you for the legacy of faith, a husband who loves me dearly, and the three healthy boys you entrusted to my care. I look forward to leaning on your faithfulness in the future, taking big risks to share you with others, and appreciating more your daily gifts of grace.

With endearing love,


{the idea for this post came from Tammy Maltby, friend of a friend, who has a great website to check out. If you are looking for what to write in that father’s day card, try these “lists of 3”. }