The other day on the radio I heard a young celebrity being interviewed. She was 18 and had decided to pursue her acting career instead of attending college. What struck me was when she said: “I think education is VERY important. I just can’t find a way to fit it in right now.”

She claimed that education was a priority for her (“very important”), but her actions did not reveal that it’s a priority. If it really was important she would do whatever she could to obtain an education. 

It made me realize I do the same thing. I claim that loving my children is a priority but I don’t act that way when I’m yelling at them because they have done something that inconveniences me. Or by giving my preschooler my divided attention when I choose to look at my iPhone instead of answering  his question. The list could go on and on!

As Christians we may sing on Sunday mornings that “He is my all in all”, that “He is all I need”, that “As a deer pants for streams of water, so my soul longs after you”…all these claim that God is our priority. That we seek Him in all we do. That he is essential for life.

And yet…

How often have I heard: “I would love to have quiet time with God but I just don’t have time.”

Then do I REALLY want to have quiet time with God? If He really was my top priority then I would make time for Him. To make him a priority we could:

I am not saying that quiet time is essential to being a Christian.  What I AM saying is that before claiming that God is a priority in our lives, we need to examine if our actions demonstrate that He is a priority.

What changes in your day could you make to truly make Him a priority? What other things do you claim to be “important” but don’t treat them as such?