1. momheart group

This monday night I was blessed by my momheart mentor, Leslie, by a wonderful dinner for our group and a great discussion of the first chapter of “one thousand gifts” by Ann Voskamp. I love Leslie’s dining room table…it’s square! I love how each leather chair is different in style and color AND on one side of the table is a bench.

She placed quotes and scripture from the book on the table…

At each place of the table was a little “sursee” (an unexpected gift that brings joy)…a tiny notebook to put in our purses to write our “1000 gifts” on the go.

Loved the special treatment. Loved the conversation with other moms. Loved the yummy food. Loved the sweet little gift. 

2. toy microphone

Last week we celebrated my youngest birthday. I got him a little gift from our family. He loves to sing and I found this great microphone at Target. It’s awesome! It plays music (which you can adjust the speed), you can record and play a message, amplify your voice and adjust the volume. All the boys enjoy playing with it…a chance to learn to take turns!

Just B. You microphone

3. boxes

We had several boxes waiting to be thrown out…this is what my second son decided to do with one.

later that day we decided he needed to paint his “car”. His older brother wanted to make a robot helmet. Who needs toys when you have boxes?

4.  Skype

Last week my mom was taken by ambulance to a hospital in San Jose (they are living in Costa Rica right now). She has been having heart arrhythmia and her blood pressure has been high. Being so far away when she is going through a medical emergency is not easy. What has made the whole ordeal more bearable has been the wonderful invention of “skype”. It’s FREE! I have the ability to see my mom in her hospital room in Costa Rica from my phone. The boys can talk and dance for her. It’s great. Here’s a link to their website: Video messaging 

I have also been able to use skype to speak with friends who are serving as missionaries in Africa and East Asia. Lately I used skype to chat with a new twitter friend (howdy mommakristi!).  Skype is definitely my favorite…check it out!

5. VBS (and worship CD)

 This week the older boys have been attending VBS at the church where they attend preschool. It has been such a blessing! They are excited to go each day and they have enjoyed seeing their school friends that they haven’t seen for a couple months.

Another benefit of VBS this week was the free CD of music they have been listening to all week. The boys love this CD and we have listened to it multiple times a day! Here is a video of a jam session one night…boys singing.

Those are my favorites from this past week. What have you enjoyed?