Today Mothers of Boys (MOB) Society  is having a Blog Hop. If you have clicked over here from the “hop”…Welcome to God-Centered Mom!

My name is Heather and I’m the mother of 3 young boys: 5, 3 & 2. I’ve been married 12 years to the most amazing man…he supports me in all my endeavors, loves me unconditionally, feeds the boys breakfast (so I can have quiet time) and puts them to bed each night. I am a speech-language pathologist but haven’t had any formal clients for almost 3 years. For the past 4 years I’ve been blogging about my boys over at

 This June I launched . Here is the reason I started it:

I had been humbled many times since having my first son, 5 years ago. The most recent and profound humbling experience was the birth of our third son…born while my oldest was still 3! I could no longer control and apologize my children’s behavior. I had to depend on God and serve Him. It was no longer possible to serve myself. These three little guys needed me constantly and if they didn’t their dad did. After crying embarrassingly at a fancy Christmas party when simply asked, “So how is it having 3 boys?,” I found that unless God was at the center I was not going to survive this mothering adventure without a lot of humbling.

The reason mothering is so humbling is because the opposite of humility is pride. Pride by definition is a focus on self, desire to control and to use all things for self. When you get married you begin to realize how selfish you are. When you have your first child you recognize that you are completely self-centered. When you have multiple children you are either humbled on a moment to moment basis OR you have to completely surrender your life and place God in the center.

This blog is my way to encourage mothers to chose to keep God center in the day to day. These are a few of my regular “series”:

  • Symptoms of Self: addressing each symptom that manifests itself when the disease of pride is present
  • Hear the Whisper Wednesday: examples of others who have been humbled, so that we can hear the whisper of their experience instead of feeling the whip and being humbled ourselves
  • Few Favorites Friday: a sample of things the Lord has blessed me with that week
  • She speaks with wisdom…: advice I have received from God-centered mentors in my life.

My boys:

The Entertaining Orator (5)-Since he wanted to have a “James Polk” birthday party when he was 3 years old, we think politics may be in this little guys’ future. He is most comfortable with an audience.  His favorite books right now: anything Curious George, Max Lucado’s books (“You are Special”, “You are Mine”) & “Mr Popper’s Penguins”

The Fearless Sweatheart (3)-He has kept me on my toes ever since he started moving. He knows no fear and feels no pain. He has the best heart and is quick to serve others.  His favorites: any book with monsters in it (“monsters don’t eat broccoli” & “Ten Little monsters”), “The Story of Ferdinand”.

The Cuddly Giant (2)-My biggest boy so far. This guy is sugar incarnate. He loves to cuddle and just let you hold him in your arms or lap. Those big blue eyes. those plump lips. sold. He is my biggest book fan. Loves the Usborne “That’s not my…” series, picture books by DK and you may even find him flipping through a Lego magazine every now and then.

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