Last week I wrote about how your children need to see you fall on your knees and cry out to your Savior for help. I also mentioned other times we pray with our children…at meals, before starting the day, when grateful, and at bedtime.

In addition to praying with my children, I try to spend time in prayer for my children.   A mentor of mine from our church, Nancy, recently shared with me what she prayed for her children and what she learned in the process.  Here is Nancy’s prayer for her children:

“I lifted them up to Him and asked that He might put them in a bubble of His love and protection so that Satan darts might bounce off of them. That they might become all He created them to be.”

She shared with me that the answer to this prayer looked nothing like she thought. She thought she was praying that nothing bad would happen to them. But they have been through “difficult” experiences. In the end, through tragedy and difficulty her prayer was actually answered:

 “they love the Lord their God with all their hearts, soul and mind, are being used for His glory and are raising their children to walk with their Master.”

 What do you pray for your children? Do you think that you can keep them from harm through your prayers? Are you willing to have them fail so that God can teach them and draw them close?