1. Birthday dates

This week my oldest son turned 6! He was the one who gave me the role of “mom”…I can’t believe 6 years have passed already. One way I love to celebrate birthdays with my boys is to find a time to take each out one-on-one for a date. It’s always wonderful to just spend time with one child. Listening fully to his thoughts. No distractions. Doing what he loves. Making him feel important.

2. Vtech Movie Magic DigiCam

We bought our oldest a kid’s digital video and still camera. I chose this one because it could do both video and still. I also liked that he can record and then edit the clips on the camera. All three boys have enjoyed this “toy” this week. The best part is that they keep their hands off my camera! Check it out here: (Vtech movie magic)

3. Taekwondo

Our oldest has played soccer for the last year and a half. When it came to sign him up for a team that other kids from his kindergarten class would be in, he told me he didn’t want to play soccer. He wanted to do Taekwondo instead, an idea he came up with after attending a Taekwondo birthday party last spring.

I was sold when I discovered that he and my middle son could attend the class together…meaning a simpler family schedule! We met with the Master of the facility. He was a sweet man who encouraged the boys to use “yes sir” and to obey their mom. He also introduced a chart to track their responsibilities at home. Um love this!

After the first day the boys thought it was wonderful! It’s a great way to get out extra “boy” energy. Learn self-control & respect. Get exercise. And do something together! (and how cute are those boys in their little white uniforms?)

4. Hermit crabs

This week we adopted a new member to the family: Snappy! My oldest’s best friend brought back a hermit crab from their Florida vacation. This little guy has been a fun little addition to the family. The boys love helping get him water and feed him. Hopefully that enthusiasm lasts awhile!

5. AAA

Getting a flat tire was not one of my “favorites” of this week, but since reading “One thousand gifts” by Ann Voskamp I am trying to be thankful in all things. So I am thankful that I have an alert system on my car that notified me before I pulled out of the driveway that my tire was low. I am thankful that it was not the first day of school and we didn’t have to be anywhere. I am also thankful for our AAA membership. I called and they sent someone within 45 minutes.

I am thankful that the guy from AAA had changed a tire on a suburban before. He knew exactly how to release the spare tire (which is a VERY complicated process).

If you aren’t a AAA member, I would highly recommend becoming one. We have used them more than once. When you need them, you need them!

6. Great friends

I have found that whenever I blog about a topic I’m sure to be tested somehow in that area. This week I wrote a post on accepting help. Of course, I would then be in a situation that involved accepting help that was offered me. Thankfully, when I got the flat tire, I accepted my sweet friend’s offer to come pick up my boys, take them to the pool and feed them lunch. She also brought me a large iced tea from McDonalds. Amazing! I even had other friends text and offer to come pick me up. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by a community of believers who support one another in tangible ways.

 ***A bonus for all of you that have read to the end of this post…a reader of my blog posted in the comment section a link to a great resource of scripture to help us be more “God-Centered Moms”. Check  it out here: http://shared.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/momstuff/AbidingMom.pdf

What were some of your favorites this week?