This past Saturday I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a blogging conference for DFW area Christian bloggers, the “Mamas Write Mini-Conference”.It was so wonderful to meet kindred spirits that I have interacted with online.

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I was excited to learn some new info in regards to blogging. What I did not expect was to hear God’s voice reaffirming my call.

Our first speaker was Crystal Sparks ( . She spoke truth. So much truth that I literally could not write down fast enough all the wonderful things she said.

She spoke on 1 Samuel 17:33-39…in which David is coming back from the fields to feed his brothers (David has already received the anointing from Samuel to be King…yet he is in the fields). He hears about the Philistine Goliath who is threatening God’s people.  He is ready to fight because he knows God has been faithful in the past when he has fought lions & bears. He is given King Saul’s armor to wear. However, he is “not used to it”. So he removes the king’s armor and wears what is comfortable. Of course, with God’s strength David successfully defeats Goliath.

Here are the truths she spoke to my soul (all quotes from Crystal):

  • When God calls us to something the enemy will discourage us with disqualifications.
  • Others are not anointed to do what you are.
  • God’s anointing trumps your talent.
  • It matters that you are obedient when He calls.
  • You may be shaking on the inside but keep stepping.
  • Our job is to move. His job is to bring the results.
  • We often overmanage the details.
  • He has radical promises. He expects a radical pursuit.
  • There is always going to be someone more talented than you, more qualified than you.
  • We don’t need to copy other’s success (David had to be David, not Saul).
  • If we lift up Jesus, He will draw all men to himself.
  • You don’t need other people’s advice to change who you are.
  • Anointing trumps what people think.
  • Your job is not to tell the Potter who you are. Just be available.
  • Times in the field are preparation for our battles with Goliaths.
  • It’s not about making your name famous but His name famous.
  • Applause of heaven lasts for eternity.  Applause of man lasts for a moment.
  • There is a grace in your life to do what you’ve been called to do.
  • Your most stressed out times are when you are trying to walk in someone else’s shoes…outside of your allotted grace.
  • Do what YOU are called to…nothing else.
  • You are a success because God called you.
  • You were created for THIS moment.
  • God put everything you need to be successful in you.
  • We are each uniquely talented. You run your path. I run my path & we will cross the finish line together.
  • Do the LAST thing that God told you to do…OBEY Him!


Right now in this moment I feel called to write this blog…God Centered Mom. I feel that God has given me the gifts and grace to fulfill that calling.  Sometimes I can get distracted and compare my success with others in this “field”. But that is not helpful to the pursuit of what He has for me. I am only to be obedient to the calling He has placed on my life.

Have you discovered the Lord’s calling on your life? If not, spend time in His word. Pray that He will show you that calling. Do not fear that you may not be able to accomplish what you feel He is calling you to. He has given you all the gifts and grace you need to fulfill that calling. Be obedient. Do not compare yourself to others. Be true to who God created you to be. Stay focused.

***FYI…your calling right now may be to serve your husband and your family with a generous and loving heart…that’s a HUGE calling!!***