Few Favorites Friday-September 23rd

Sep 23, 2011

1. Caramel apples

This was a favorite snack AND activity for this week.  All the boys got involved and the resulting apples were amazingly delicious.  Got the recipe & idea from Pinterest. Here is the link for Apple Pie Caramel Apple.

Need: green apples, bag of caramel, white chocolate chips or candy melts, cinnamon sugar.

Steps: sticks in apples, unwrap caramel, melt caramel, dip in caramel, cool in fridge, dip in melted chocolate and then in cinnamon sugar, back in fridge.

**Important: Before you eat the apple take it out of fridge for at least 15 minutes…otherwise it is impossible to chew. Also recommend cutting into slices. **

2. Chooze shoes

I took the boys to my favorite hair salon for all their haircuts (including my youngest’s first “real” haircut). The place I take them is in the back of a Stride Rite store. As we were leaving we discovered the best shoes! Chooze shoes

 My kids usually only have one pair of crocs & one pair of running shoes. We decided to get these for my oldest for his days out of school & for church (his only running shoes are his not-so- cute black uniform shoes).

The company was started by a mom of 3 kids. The fun part is that the shoes aren’t an identical pair! (if u look closely at his shoes one is blue & one is green) so fun! They even have shoes for moms that I’m considering getting. They aren’t the cheapest shoes but 100% of the profits go to anti-poverty programs & loans. Can’t argue with that! Check them out.

3. Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuchino 

All I have to say is “YUM”. It was all I could do to stop drinking and take this picture. it.is. that. good.

4. Fun videos (Faith & laughing baby)

Saw both these videos this week & loved them. The best part is my boys loved them and we watched them over & over again. The first is hilarious & I started crying when I watched it thinking about how we’ll get to experience the cute baby phase again soon. The second was a short movie made by a good friend of mine (her husband actually). It’s her kiddos re-enacting the good Samaritan story…great conversation starter for you with your kids.



5. Social Media & Generous friends

I know that Facebook has been all wonky lately…but I’m a fan this week. I posted a need for a friend and within 4 hours my Facebook friends stepped in and met the need. That day friends stopped by my house to drop off baby gear.  I actually had more people offer to donate items than what was originally needed. Amazing!! This is the load of wonderful things I was able to deliver to my friend who just had a baby this week. To God be all the glory!!

What were some of your favorites this week? I would really love to hear about them!! (write them in the comments section)

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  1. Holly Ramsey

    My favorite this week is trial-sized anti-bacterial hand gel paired with the rubber holder that you can attach to the handle of a lunchbox at Bath and Body Works. I can’t expect our teacher to get 22 kids’ hands washed before lunch time, so this puts the matter into our own hands (pun intended). Bath and Body offers very kid-friendly “flavors” and the holder presents it in a way that the kids can’t possibly forget before they unzip their box. The only problem is other kids wanting to use it too, but we’re willing to share!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      great idea holly!! i’ve been tempted multiple times to snag one of those cute little holders…especially the glittery ones. Next time i’m at bath & body I’ll have to snag one. I’ve dug around in my purse for that little bottle of sanitizer enough times that i think it would be totally worth it. Love the idea of putting on the lunch box!

  2. Jenilee

    loved your WHOLE list! Love starbucks and comfy shoes and caramel apples! Great post!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      thanks jenilee! just clicked over to your blog. I grew up in Indy & used to live in Chicago so I loved seeing your pics of Chicago. You and your hubby look really familiar. Did either of you go to Taylor University? just curious! Thanks for stopping by! =)

  3. Vicky

    I stumbled across your site this morning and know it was a God thing! I look forward to following!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      love that! thanks for sharing! Love that you are “expecting something big from God”…

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