After sharing my emotions and personal walk of faith when I discovered from a gender prediction test that I may be having a 4th boy (When My Faith Fails…)I was contacted by Intelligender ( which I mentioned in a subsequent post “A word of hope from Intelligender“). The co-founder of Intelligender was very kind to give me hope and offer to send me another test, just for fun. She also contacted me to ask if I would be willing to guest post on their blog. Here is a portion of the post that I wrote for their blog. To see the remainder click on the link: guest post

My husband has 3 sisters. His dad has 4 sisters. His grandfather had no siblings. The prosperity of the “MacFadyen” name was resting on our shoulders. We needed to have a boy.


The day of the ultrasound arrived and low and behold there it was on the screen…”the 3rd leg”. We were shocked but in a happy way. We were amazed. We’d done it!  On the first try! Amazing. I’m sure he would be cute and get married and have children and carry on this Scottish name with pride.


Our next pregnancy began when my first child was 16 months old. We were excited to have kids close together. I was excited to maybe experience another gender. Something new.

But the moment she turned on the screen there it was again…”the 3rd leg”.  I had just settled down in the seat when she made the announcement. I think my husband had just turned on the video camera. It came so quickly it took me by more surprise than ever. It was liked getting punched in the gut…out of no where. I think once she left the room I cried a little. I had convinced myself it would be a girl this time.

I remember lying in bed with my husband discussing what we needed to get for the 2nd baby and I mentioned a cute Pottery Barn bedding set that I wanted to get and monogram. He said, “Well couldn’t he just use the same set we already have?” I burst into tears. “This baby doesn’t have anything special. He gets hand-me-down clothes, car seat, toys, stroller. I just want something to make this experience feel different and special!!” Guess who got the PB crib bedding?

#3… (to read about my experience with #3 & #4 click over to the Intelligender site)

For those of you wondering what the results of the 2nd Intelligender test were…see below:

Pretty clear results, huh? One side has the girl sticker & the other the boy. The liquid should match the color of the sticker. um yeah. =)