My son’s kindergarten teacher has been teaching at his school for 21 years. She homeschooled her two boys and is a wealth of wisdom.

Frequently she sends home great little handouts with nuggets of wisdom. I thought I would share one with y’all that I find myself thinking of often.

It’s entitled: “50 Ways to Love Your Children” and was written by Steve Stephens in “Stories for the Family’s Heart”.

I would suggest printing off the list. **Update: here is a printable version. 50 Ways to Love Your Children ** Then go through and mark the ones that come naturally. Then go back through and star the ones that you could easily start doing. Then circle the ones you need to be more intentional in implementing. Maybe even plan ahead for something special this weekend? Ok go!

50 Ways to Love Your Children:

1. Hug every morning.

2. Go to zoos, parades and amusement parks

3. Hang their art and awards on the refrigerator

4. Create family traditions

5. Be patient

6. Apologize when grumpy

7. Go camping

8. Play tic-tac-toe and hide ‘n seek

9. Always carry Band-Aids and gumdrops

10. Know their strengths

11. Compliment them

12. Encourage them

13. Appreciate them

14. Eat meals together

15. Slow down

16. Respect their privacy

17. Listen

18. Don’t discipline in anger

19. Be consistent

20. Say “I love you” frequently

21. Let them be silly

22. Accept imperfections

23. Reward good behavior

24. Explain the rules clearly

25. Laugh often

26. Go to their favorite restaurant

27. Invite their friends over

28. Buy ice cream cones

29. Go on vacations

30. Know when to be gentle and when to be firm

31. Make birthdays unforgettable

32. Teach responsibility and respect

33. Choose your battles

34. Don’t embarrass them

35. Help with schoolwork

36. Protect them

37. Build memories

38. Keep promises

39. Say “no” when needed

40. Don’t yell

41. Give gifts

42. Model virtues

43. Pray with them

44. Pray for them

45. Talk with their teachers

46. Tell them your proud of them

47. Reach out

48. Count stars together

49. Talk every bedtime

50. Let go with a blessing