1. Apple Pie

In my current pregnant state I have many cravings for baked goods…particularly fall-inspired yummies. One thing on my list was apple pie. I googled “apple pie” and this recipe was the first one. It was a different from the traditional apple pie because you make a caramel type syrup that you pour on top of cut apples instead of mixing cinnamon and flour with the apples.

Here is the link to Apple Pie by Grandma Ople

2. “Homemade” donuts

Did I mention I like baked goods right now? (my son said, “I like having a pregnant mom because she likes sugar”).

Often on weekends we will take the boys to get donuts. One day my eldest asked if we could make our own donuts. I searched for a recipe on pinterest and I found this one at southernplate.com : Melt in your Mouth Donuts

The best part of this recipe is that it is super easy. Just need canned biscuits, vegetable oil, butter & cinnamon/sugar. A fun little project!

3. Fall Decorations

This is my favorite season. I grew up in Indiana where there is a definite change in the season from summer to fall. leaves change.  It’s “sweater weather”. You go on hay rides…

Here in Texas it’s still in the upper 80s to 90s in October. Yes it’s 20 degrees cooler than our summer but it’s just not the same. In order to fill my need for all things “fall” I make feeble attempts at fall decorations. Here are some pumpkins I bought at Kroger (39 cents/lb).

This beautiful arrangement was sent to me from my loving husband this week.  What do you use for fall decorations?

4. Shout Color Catcher

My sister-in-law told me about this fun little item. It allows you to mix colors with whites in the washing machine and not worry about colors “leaking” on to the whites.

Once she told me about it I paid attention to the TV commercials. In the commercial the mom washes a red dress with a dad’s white button down and a daughter’s red & white striped shirt. Then she pops in one of these little Shout color catchers and everything comes out perfectly!

I decided not to experiment with my red dress & Bruce’s white work shirt. Instead I washed the boys’ red fireman towels & other white towels. When the washer is done you take out the Shout sheet and see all the colors it “caught”. 

I was amazed. It worked! The towels looked great and look how much red the sheet “caught”… (see below).

5. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer and holder

My friend Holly listed in the comments section a few weeks ago that one of her favorites was hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works with this fun little rubber holder that she connects to the outside of her daughter’s lunch box. This way her daughter can clean her own hands before eating lunch.

Genius!  This week I bought sanitizer and holders for my boys. Right now B&B Works has Halloween options…which means the holders glow-in-the-dark! (major boy mom points).

6. State Fair of Texas

The day after my ultrasound confirming the upcoming arrival of our 4th healthy baby boy, I decided to take the boys to the State Fair of Texas.  I was little worried it would be a disaster because Wednesday mornings don’t tend to be a good time for them (tired from the previous day at school).

Fortunately, God gave me a gift…a wonderful morning with my boys. We ate junk food. Saw our favorites (Big Tex & the petting zoo). Rode rides. Perfection.

It also allowed me to show my boys love in several of the ways that I listed in yesterday’s post!  To make things easier…here is a copy you can print off of 50 Ways to Love Your Children .

What are some of your favorites from this week?