Some came anxious. Some came broken. Some came hopeful. But we all came because He planned for us to be there.

Goose-bump stories of how each woman was brought to Harrisburg that weekend.

We shared hugs, praise, stories & tears, but each experience was unique.

God met each woman at the place where she began.

Some needed more of Him…He was found.
Some needed community…friendships blossomed.
Some needed a refining of purpose…vision was clear.
Some needed balancing of priorities…reminded of the important.
Some needed rejuvenation…souls were filled.

We came from varying locations, backgrounds, experiences but left reminded of our common passion, to use our gifts to make Him known.

“We came in pieces & fragments and He bonded us all together as the body of Christ” (Christa Wells introducing her song)

I came hopeful for what God had for a “last minute” ticket holder…I left with so much I could fill a book. What I gained I want to share so that your hearts will be drawn closer to His. Hoping it will all come together for a post tomorrow.

 A post that will share the Spirit of God who shined through the women I met this past weekend. This woman, Ann Voskamp, who draws you, not to herself, but to Christ. She so profoundly opened up a new world of gratitude to the Gift Giver in what we consider the mundane (“One Thousand Gifts”). I hope to share what she clarified for me this weekend…and an explanation of my tears.

photo credit: my Relevant roommate Stefanie Brown. Thankful for her in so many ways.

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