I like routine. My days and my weeks are fairly structured. Each morning I wake up before the boys and spend time with God (thanks to the Maximize your Mornings Challenge …new challenge starts January 16th), get ready for the day, clean up breakfast, etc.  Each week: grocery shopping on Sundays, laundry on Mondays, boys at school Tuesdays and Thursdays…

For the last week and a half my life has been anything but routine.

We have been away from home and away from our normal schedule. We made great memories. But there were 10 kids aged 7 years old and younger in one house. Which was just a little chaotic.

There is a part of me that likes breaking away from the norm. Discovering new ways of doing things. Trying new foods. Breaking bad habits.

Unfortunately in getting away, I’ve gotten “out of sync” with God.

Not only do I have a routine for when I cook meals and other household chores. I’ve spent time over the last year to establish a routine or a rhythm with God. I’ve intentionally set up times to meet with Him. I’ve created a special place in my home where I can rest in His presence. I’ve placed scripture on my mirror so I can meditate on His Word. As a family we’ve set aside one day a week to “cease” and to rest in Him.

In going away for Christmas I’ve broken my rhythm. I’m out of step.

And, boy oh boy, does it show.

Driving back home yesterday I was the grumpiest in the car (that’s comparing myself to a 2-year-old who hadn’t taken a nap). My voice was harsh. I complained every chance I had. Not the best version of me. Definitely not a reflection of Christ.

In stepping away from my routine I am reminded…yet again…how essential these “disciplines” are in keeping me in rhythm with God.

Have you found the holidays and travel have knocked you “out of sync”? What will help you get back on track? What “disciplines” help you connect with God?

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